Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The “Exquisite Doodle” Artist Project, Post 4

Materials needed from last time:
-the large matchbox
-the scroll box
-the two small covers remaining
-the two lollipop sticks

In addition:  2 paper clips, thin paper, scissors, tape, and pliers.

Cut a long strip of thin paper that will fit inside the scroll box as shown.  It should be roughly ten times longer than your scroll box.   Tape together several strips if you need to.  This is your SCROLL.

Unbend and re-bend the two paper clips as shown.  These are your scroll HANDLES.  One end of the paper clip should insert tightly into the lollipop stick.  You may need pliers to squeeze the clip to make it fit.  The protruding end of the clip can now be used as a handle.  Do this for both lollipop sticks.
Tape one lollipop stick to one end of the scroll as shown.  First, tape along the length of the stick to fasten it to the paper.  Then tightly roll the scroll on itself around the stick, and put tape to hold this position.  Keep rolling the paper until you get to the other end of the scroll.  Tape the second lollipop stick to this end and roll the paper the same way as before.
Gather the large matchbox, the scroll box, and the two small covers remaining from last time.  The covers will need to go inside the large matchbox, one on either side of the scroll box. These are your box FILLERS.  First, cut to shorten them so that they fit inside the large matchbox.  Next, fold them down as shown because they are too wide.  If you place the scroll box in the center of the large matchbox, you can see how wide the box fillers must be on either side of it.  Use this width to guide you in creating one fold at the top and one at the bottom as shown.  Then wrap the folds around themselves to create the new box filler shape.

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