Thursday, May 10, 2012

The “Exquisite Doodle” Artist Project, Post 6

by Alex Mitchell (From Spain, your "Exquisite Doodle" blog contributor)

Introducing The Players:
From Denmark, the pop-up queen par excellence, Kristine Suhr.
You'll love this short video of one of her pop-up books.
(photo of "Tea for Two,” ©Kristine Suhr)

From the US (Atlanta, GA), the design and illustration goddess,
Paula Joerling.
You'll find these beautiful paper dresses on her etsy shop.
(photo of “Julia,” ©Paula Joerling)

From the US (Tigard, OR), the delightful teller of pictorial tales, Lisa Kaser.
You can also see Lisa's work on her etsy shop.
(photo of “Starry Night Sojourn,” ©Lisa Kaser)

From the UK, the automata superhero, Keith Newstead.
You'll relish Keith's amazing sculptures on his website and blog.
(photo of “The Devil Rides Out,” ©Keith Newstead)

From the US (Atlanta, GA), the mechanical poet and storyteller, Tom Haney.
You'll love Tom's awesome blog with pics of his automata sculptures in the making.
(photo of “Dreamtime,” ©Tom Haney)

From Australia, the wonderful wizard of illustration, Bob Seal.
You can get to know Bob and see his work on Facebook.
(photo of “Bughouse,” ©Bob Seal)

From the US (Wrightwood, CA), the visionary, John Frame.
You'll want to find out about his incredible film project
“The Tale of the Crippled Boy.”
(photo of “Pip and the Bed,” ©John Frame)

If you live near Portland, don't miss John's show at the Portland Art Museum until May 27th.

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  1. Alex! What a fantastic "group of players" you've assembled for this project. The art in communication continues! Mary Lou