Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The “Exquisite Doodle” Artist Project, Post 11

please shoot the dancing lady…
“Target Practice,” for Kristine Suhr

For the cover image of Kristine’s box I was inspired by her own artwork.  Kristine has a very distinct style that is very graphic and also very funny.  For all the simplicity of her paintings, the mechanics behind making them work are very precise down to the last millimeter.  Currently we are working together on a pop-up book, and I think what keeps us going is the dream of making a detective book together where we get to dress as special agents and hunt for clues.  Not too long ago I saw an add for a tv station here in Spain that shows action and horror movies.  It had someone shooting at two large paper targets with black figures - a man playing Spanish guitar and a woman dancing flamenco.  Thus came about Kristine’s cover - something I knew she would find funny.

Special agents at work.

The outside...
and looking inside.
The way the scroll starts...
and ends.

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