Saturday, September 8, 2012

The “Exquisite Doodle” Artist Project, Post 20

Keith Newstead - Learning to fly.

All the way from England came Keith’s Exquisite Doodle box.  He’s my automata superhero, a true wizard at creating moving sculptures made in a variety of materials ranging from small paper kits to gigantic metal robots.  Photos: “King Kong,” ©Keith Newstead
Keith’s scroll tells a story which begins where my doodles left off...
about this lovable little character that figures out how to fly.
And this flying pig is one of Keith’s paper automata kits which are for sale in shops and galleries, or wholesale through Keith:  Photos: “Flying Pig,” ©Keith Newstead
Of course I can’t resist to add my own King Kong sculpture to the mix after seeing his!  Photo: “Operation King Kong,” ©2006 Alex Mitchell

Here’s a donations box Keith was commissioned to make by the Exeter Museum earlier this year.  These are process photos from his blog.  It’s amazing to see his sculptures in the making:  Photos: “Exeter Museum Donations Box,” ©Keith Newstead
Here is the way the scroll turned out after Keith doodled in the white spaces I left for him!  See Post 12 to compare.  Scroll pic 1 of 3,
scroll pic 2 of 3,
and scroll pic 3 of 3.
Here’s another collection box Keith made about ten years ago.  This one is driven just by the weight of a coin dropping down.  To get a true sense of Keith’s work it’s essential (and lots of fun) to watch his short videos on YouTube:
Photos: “The Fisherman,” ©Keith Newstead
Inspired by Keith’s drawings, I had fun painting the interior of Keith’s box.
So, I’ll leave you now to your star-gazing and dream-making… and remember, it’s never too late to learn to fly!

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