Friday, August 31, 2012

The “Exquisite Doodle” Artist Project, Post 19

Paula Joerling - Going to lengths to be a good friend.

I was delighted to receive Paula’s Exquisite Doodle box from the good old Southern state of Georgia.  Paula has a keen eye for design, color, pattern, and texture.  I especially like it when she incorporates maps into her mixed media collage works.  Photos: ©Paula Joerling
Paula’s drawing style is so much fun!  On her scroll she wrote me a message that reveals her joy of traveling…
which is probably where her love of maps comes from.  And here’s a map I made a while back.  Maybe Paula can use it to come visit me someday?
Photo: “La-La Land,” ©2008 Alex Mitchell
Wherever Paula goes and whatever project she gets involved in she does it with lots of heart, like these mosaics she made working with kids from the Boys & Girls club to adorn the sidewalk of Luckie Street in Atlanta about ten years ago.  Photo: Luckie Street, Downtown Atlanta, ©Terry Kearns
I’m lucky to be doing a letter-writing project with Paula right now, and this finished letter is sitting on my desk.  On her lovely blog she tells you all about it:
Here is the way the scroll turned out after Paula doodled in the white spaces I left for her!  See Post 15 to compare.  Scroll pic 1 of 3,
scroll pic 2 of 3,
and scroll pic 3 of 3.
Paula has beautiful mixed media collage works for sale on her etsy site:  Photo: “Perfect Ensemble,” ©Paula Joerling
I had fun adding one more touch by painting the interior of Paula’s box!
I hope she likes it!
Paula always manages to squeeze in a bird or two!  This one she added to my tree.  And that’s it!  “…Soup and wine with a friend, the end,” or maybe it’s just the beginning?!

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